Monday, April 21, 2008

Rose::HTML::Form and DBIx::Class

Has anyone tried that combination?


soulchild said...

Yes, because HTML::FormFu was way too slow for me because of all the TT rendering stuff (even with Template::Alloy) which never gets the form displayed the way I want anyway. I like the object-oriented approach of Rose::HTML::Form but it's not quite plug'n'play and you have to do more stuff manually than with FormFu. I wrote some custom methods for automatically initializing and stashing a form. The various glue plugins on CPAN for Catalyst and DBIC were useless for me.

However, for my next bigger project I'm really considering writing my own form class because none of the existing ones really matches my needs.

zby said...

I am now working on a Rose::HTML::Form adaptor for DBIx::Class. I hope to put it on CPAN soon - but if anyone is interested I can send what I already have.

I am also thinking about adding some more high level methods that would make Rose::HTML::Form more plug'n'play.