Thursday, October 16, 2008


Now that I use CGI::Application, Class::DBI and HTML::Template at work I can see the advantages of using Catalyst, DBIx::Class and Template Tookit. Personally, I find using HTML::Template as the most annoying of those three set backs - with TT I've got used that I don't need to worry about displaying the data I feed to the template, I need to make sure that it contains everything needed but that's all. I know that the view can take any data and display it. This makes a nice separation of work and of mind sets between the Controller and the View. Not so with HTML::Template.


WK said...
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Anonymous said...

it's not a problem with CA isn't it!? it is with the templating framework. I personally prefer CA+TT over CA+HT.

sas said...

Interesting, we have a lot in common. I'm a long time Perl programmer who started developing with Catalyst about a year ago and have written a few applications with it. I took a job a few months back for a company using CGI::Application, CDBI, and HTML::Template. It is really a step back, but it pays the bills and the people are great to work with. Personally, as much as I long for TT2, I find Class::DBI the most annoying of the three. CGI::Application is a nice MVC, but nowhere near as elegant as Catalyst.