Sunday, June 07, 2009

Form rendering and CSS

I tried a few times to learn CSS, but not really seriously, I guess, since I still know only the most basic things. So I am a bit lost now when I need a nice and universal CSS for FormHandler forms in Catalyst::Example::InstantCRUD. Or perhaps I should say HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple forms instead of just FormHandler forms as theoretically the HTML rendering part is separated from the main FormHandler code, so that if this Simple renderer turns out really too simplistic I can also write a HTML::FormHandler::Render::NotSoSimple to get the right HTML.

I started reviewing the options and it seems that there are three general approaches to having aligned forms:

  • tables
  • divs
  • lists
  • no additional markup

Plus some appriopriate CSS. I think the 'no additional markup' option could never accommodate for error messages, so I leave this one out. This leaves me with three options. I am sure that not everything can be done in each one - but I think we can add a 'style' parameter to the renderer to make it configurable.

Next thing is the recently popular CSS grids - anyone using them? They seem like a nice option for someone needing some universal defaults and the SenCSS example even contains a form styled in two ways (vertical and horizontal alignments) - but would it work with error messages? And the Blueprint one even shows a div with the error class - but how that is to be inserted into the form? I guess each one requires it's own way of HTML structuring.

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Anonymous said...

I've used blueprint together with default HTML::FormFu templates. Looked pretty good. Eventually I took all of the default FormFu templates and altered them by adding class="text/password/checkbox" to all input fields so that Blueprint would have proper hooks.