Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Role that adds Traits to multiple classes

The DBIC model stuff naturally spans the whole FormHandler class tree - there are things that need to be added to the main form class, but also to the Field classes. An obvious example of the latter is the lookup_options method which loads data from the db table (ResultSet object more precisely) appropriate for the field into the field's options array. It does not really touch any global form stuff and:

$field->form->lookup_options( $field, ... )

is like reaching with your left hand to your right pocket. I mean really awkward. So what we need is a form role that would add other roles to the fields classes. I imagined that this could be possible, in theory a role could be a hierarchy that would be applied to a class hierarchy - but I don't think you can do that with current Moose, so instead I used a hook in the method that builds fields and added there code to inject an appropriate Trait.

The code is in new branches in the main HTML::FormHandler repo and in the HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC repo. I am waiting for commetns. I would think that this is not something unusual - so I guess others must have already solved similar problems before - I would like to hear what they did.

We have a similar problem with rendering. It is a role now so that it can be easily replaced, but it is naturally recursive, fields should know how to render themselves so we need a way to apply a whole set of roles in one sweep to the whole form class structure. It looks like there really is some abstract super-role in there.
How much is it monkey patching, how much is it action at a distance?

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