Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Lots of packages in the Catalyst namespace are simple adaptors of external libraries. In many cases what you need from that adaptor layer is only passing initialisation values from the config file to the appropriate call to the object creator. By using the Dependency Injection pattern you can move that initialisation code out of that "deep in the framework guts" place into something that can be called another config file - containing values that are complex objects instead of simple constants. This way your view object can be constructed there and then injected into the application which does not need to know how to construct it. You still might prefer to have a different config file with simple literal configuration values using the standard YAML or Config::General syntax.

If that was too vague for you - don't worry - Stevan promised some more docs for Bread::Board soon. The real take away from all of this is that Bread::Board and future sub-classes of it spares you from the need to writing adaptor classes for all the view or model classes of your yet another web framework. Maybe you'll not need a framework at all - and assemble your application using Bread::Board out of a web dispatcher and other ready made parts.

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