Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PSGI and Object Oriented Programming

There is one thing that seems pretty simple - but it took me a bit of mulling over to fully understand

It is a reference to a sub that expects a hash ref representing the HTTP request passed to it as the one and only parameter and which returns an array ref representing a HTTP response. Hmm - yeah that's what web apps do - take the request and return the response.

But then you think - OK, but I like Object Oriented code and I want my application to be an object with attributes and stuff - so what can I do? Well - that is simple. Have your app as object as you like, and to the PSGI layer pass a closure referring to that object. For example if you application object normally handles the requests with a ->handle method then

would return a suitable callback. Which you can then use in your app.psgi file:

And this is exactly what I do in WebNano.

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