Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Installing dependencies - continued

I don't know what I am doing wrong - but after installing Perl 5.12.1 under perlbrew "cpan -m ." stopped to install the dependencies. It seems that for making and testing it adds the libs in '.cpan/build' to the PERL5LIB search path so both can go on without really installing the dependencies:

Running make for /home/zby/progs/ravlog/.
Prepending blib/arch and blib/lib of 108 build dirs to PERL5LIB; for 'get'

"cpan -t . " works in the same way and if the tests fail then "cpan ." stops there - so I cannot tell if it would install the dependencies in the case when the tests pass.

I don't really know how to investigate it further - but I am noting that as it is very frustrating. Eventually I had to resort to cpanminus ("cpanm --installdeps ." is really handy as it addresses the problem directly).

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