Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inviting non-Perlers to speak at Perl conferences

There is an organized effort, by the Perl volunteer marketers, to attend non-Perl events and communicate about the all new things happening in the otherwise insulated Perl word. I wish this effort all the best, and I hope that The Perl Foundation will find a way to support it. To enforce the effect I would like to see also the symmetric and complementary action of inviting non-Perlers to our conferences. I am sure that is already happening to some extent - but personally I have not yet seen it - so I conclude that this extent is not enough.

Whom, from non-Perl speakers, would you like to hear at your next Perl conference?


oylenshpeegul said...

I just got back from the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, where at least one of the talks I heard was given by a non-Perler. It was great!

Anonymous said...

I'd very much like to hear from people of complementary languages like Javascript - specially regarding libraries such as jQuery and YUI.

People from OSS projects talking about how Perl fits (or could fit) into their niche would also be very nice - e.g. "how to package a perl module for my distro" or even "this is our project, and this is our public API. Go crazy".

Anonymous said...

This is something Birmingham.pm do fairly often. We have often had Stuart Langridge ('Aq' of LUGRadio fame, among many other things) along to give talks, and we've had topics from PHP, Python and .NET programmers too.

Gives a better variety of talks and often provides inspiration for more Perl orientated projects too.

perigrin said...

Perl Oasis last year also had at least one of it's speakers give a talk on implementing (Moose style) Roles in PHP.