Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog writing and assuming stupidity

Writing a blog is not easy. People did not change much since the 'bread and circuses' times. You need to spicy your writing up with strong statements or you'll not get any audience. On the other hand ridiculing someone while having a very superficial knowledge of the matter makes you a bully.

What happened there? Again, it is hard to tell anything interesting without some speculation - and possibly I'll have to apologize to Dave for this - but I think Dave has read "You must hate version control systems, we won't be using any" and assumed that this is is from a company that superficially rejected version control because they did not want to learn or, in other words, from someone that assumed that version control is useless. Talk about beams and eyes. That's not to say that I vouch for the 'pipelines' system or for replacing version control with it. I still don't know much about these pipelines - but new ideas don't have to work in every possible aspect to be worthwhile and you'll not have a break-through idea if you always stick to the accepted wisdom.

It is easy to assume stupidity - on average people are mediocre - but the internet is a big search space - expect to be surprised from time to time :)


Anonymous said...

Good post, I agree. We're designed for small tribes, not large ones (like the Internet), and this means our assumptions can fail when scaled.

Jon Sailor said...

In his defense, after reading the comments by the advertisement's poster, it looks like his assumptions were right.

Caleb Cushing said...

congratulations on getting people to read a post ridiculing someone for ridiculing someone. I applaud you sir!