Monday, March 19, 2012

Verbs and Nouns

There is a popular, if a bit long and blurry, rant by Steve Yegge: Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns - it is about how we overuse nouns and under-use verbs when programming in Java. Of course it is not different in other object oriented imperative languages. Programs do something, subroutines do something - verbs should be at least as prominent as nouns in programming - but when we need to write an application we build it out of objects. Even if it is a web application - something that translates the HTTP request into the HTTP response - we code it as an object with fields and all that stuff. Even if we code against an API that defines the web application as a subroutine reference, we still write it as an object and then make a closure over it to pass to the backend.

Do we overuse nouns? Or maybe it is that actions are opaque and unstructured - and when we need to get to the the details, the parts that compose them - then it is more natural to treat them as things? Wouldn't it be easier to incorporate streaming in PSGI if the application there was an object with methods and attributes?

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