Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catalyst helpers - plugins for Module::Starter?

Code generation is hard. First of all it is hard to determine what really needs to be created - in (computing science) theory you can always uncurry the generator and use it as a library. So you need different theory to really determine if code generation makes sense at all. In practice many people use it - since it let's us start new projects faster (and more correctly). This is an interesting subject deserving many more blog posts - but for now I just wanted to toss the idea that joining forces with other Perl projects facing this problem could help us improve the mess that is Catalyst helpers now.

I've learned about Module::Starter plugins from Recursive development that leads nowhere.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Now that I use CGI::Application, Class::DBI and HTML::Template at work I can see the advantages of using Catalyst, DBIx::Class and Template Tookit. Personally, I find using HTML::Template as the most annoying of those three set backs - with TT I've got used that I don't need to worry about displaying the data I feed to the template, I need to make sure that it contains everything needed but that's all. I know that the view can take any data and display it. This makes a nice separation of work and of mind sets between the Controller and the View. Not so with HTML::Template.