Saturday, January 14, 2012


Schlep is tedious, unpleasant task.  According to Paul Graham schlep is also what really defines a company - it is doing the tasks that are unpleasant and tedious for someone that they would pay you for.

Narrowing this down to my own Perl web development work - the schlep for me was always getting the basic web app running with user registration, login pages, password reset mechanisms, etc. - in every new project that was the most repeatable, boring work.  I think everyone has the feeling that this does not need to be like that.  I've started thinking about what could be a solution to this and here are my first experiments about fixing it: Plack-Middleware-Auth-FormWebPrototypes::ResetPass, WebPrototypes::Registration (I might rename the first one to WebPrototypes as well).  The point is to solve it across the multiple web frameworks, templating languages and storage layers - so that it can survive moving from project to project.

What is your schlep?