Saturday, April 17, 2010

WebNano - what I did not say at the tech meeting

About a month ago I had a presentation at the tech meeting about the design ideas I plan to experiment in WebNano. There are a few things that I did not have time to tell - and I plan to blog about them. First of all I think I should have admitted that I stole the both the name and the idea from Simon Cozen's MicroMaypole (I hope he will treat that in the terms of the well known quote about imitation and not intellectual property trespassing:).

At the presentation I mentioned that there is not much code in WebNano currently - but maybe this was not the best way to put it. I actually don't plan to ever have much code in it and the example of MicroMaypole shows that perhaps such a minimal web framework can be a practical thing, but I do plan to build some more examples using that minimal code so that I can be sure that even if minimal it does have all the desired features. What are those features will be the subject of other blog posts soon.