Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Constraints and Types (in Moose)

Moose::Manual::Type says that Moose types are mostly just constraints with a name. When designing new constraints API for Formhandler we decided to use Moose types - but with some playing around it also exposed the fact that not all constraints are types. I am not an expert in Type Theory - but I checked wikipedia and it seems to support my intuition that type is an attribute of data value - while when validating we often need to check not just the value - but also it's relation to the whole system.

If that is not yet clear - let's take the example of checking the age of a application user (from his provided birth date). The question if a user with a given birth date can legally participate in a web forum cannot be answered without knowing what is current date - it is not a property of the birth date alone - but of it's relation to the current date. I think that using the term 'type' for this kind of constraints can be confusing, even though technically in Moose this is possible to declare this.

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